Life Plans

The Life Plans website was a concept to provide customers access to their important documents regarding insurance, wills and m

Dog Bite Safety Infographic

The Dog Bite Safety Infographic was a companion graphic for a PR Newswire press release by State Farm on Dog Bite Safety. The

Visualization Team Poster

The Visualization Team poster was created to provide an overview of the project team’s purpose, capabilities and process

Drive Hub

Drive Hub is a concept for a connected vehicle application that would provide customized alerts and relevant information for d

Elite Chiropractic & Rehab

The Elite Chiropractic & Rehab website was created for a Chiropractor in Bloomington, IL. A clean, contemporary design was

Hilroy Redesign

Hilroy Brands was looking for a redesign for their corporate homepage. An edgy, bold, youthful design was created to bring exc

My Credit App

My Credit is a concept for a mobile app to provide users more information about their credit score.

ECS Website

ECS is a website to provide education and training on a new internal system for employees. A futuristic design was created to

Chill Cook-off Poster

Event poster for a local Chili Cook-off event. The concept was to showcase the various spices used to create Chili, which was

Ryan Partnership Redesign

Redesign of Ryan Partnership Canada’s webpage. In order to showcase the company’s projects, large areas were dedi

Money Gym

Money Gym is a concept for a mobile application to help customers with their finances. The app would help match the user with

10 Year Event Celebration

Event poster for a 10 year celebration for Employee Resource Groups at State Farm.

Moooos You Win Website

The Moooos You Win Website was a contest webpage created for the Dairy Farmers of Canada. Customers came to the website to en

Holiday Party Poster

Event poster for a local holiday party.

Dream Girls

Concept website for Barbie’s 50th birthday. The idea behind Dream Girls was to create an online space for young girls t

Barbie Magazine

Concept layouts for Barbie Magazine, a magazine targeted to young female tweens.          

AsiaNET Restaurant Crawl Poster

Event poster for AsiaNET’s Restaurant Crawl. The concept was based on Points of Interest from Navigation apps like Waze

The Digital Channel

The Digital Channel company website. This design was used to highlight the services offered by The Digital Channel.

Elevator 5 Inc Website

Elevator 5’s company website. This interactive concept played off the company’s name and allowed the user to learn

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